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Hidrate Spark

Hidrate Spark

Hidrate Spark is a smart water bottle that was successfully funded on Kickstarer. The product was designed and developed by small team of University of Minnesota students consisting of two former product design minor students and students in Carlson School of Management. The product design program promotes interdisciplinary collaboration which facilitates innovation and networking. You can purchase your own Hydrate Spark online.

Pastry Stand

Pastry Stand

This flat-pack pastry stand is an example of a product concept developed in a class that was individually licensed to a company. This simple but clever cake stand was designed in PDes 3715 Design and Food. You can purchase your own on the Epicurean website or at local culinary stores.

Chozmo and Math Tooter

Toy Product Design

PDes 3711 Toy Product Design is an introduction to a product design process where students work in interdisciplinary teams to develop product concepts for a sponsor. The prototypes from this class look and work like real products. “Chozmo” from 2014 is a chocolate gun that melts and extrudes chocolate for drawing and sculpting. “Math Tooter” from 2016 is a fart-themed game for learning algebra. More examples of student work on the class website.

Maze For Days

Maze For Days

Maze for Days is a stand-on marble labyrinth designed for playgrounds. In this program, students often work with industry partners. Industry sponsored projects add validity to the course content and allow for real-world experience. This product was developed out of a collaboration with local company Landscape Structures. The Twin Cities is rich with product design companies.

Concept Sketches


Sketching ability is essential for product designers. To be able to rapidly visualize and communicate your ideas is one of the most important skills for this industry. Students learn and practice sketching technique in several courses throughout the program.

Tap Handles


The Tap Handle design challenge is the grande finale for PDes 3703 Product Form and Model Making. Each year students collaborate with a local brewery to design and prototype conceptual tap handles to fit their brand.


Barry Kudrowitz,
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Barry Kudrowitz,
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