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fraidycat immunity magnarena modrocket structurestacks
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In 2016 Toy Product Design, the theme was STEM toys and we were working closely with Stratasys and the Minnesota Science Museum. There were 14 toy prototypes presented at the PLAYsentations on Wednesday May 4, 2016. Click the icons above for more information. These product prototypes include:

Wonderwall - a set of mechanisms that mount on peg board to create chain reactions
Math Tooter - a math game involving farts
Fraidy Cat - a plush interactive doll that helps children with fears
Immunity - a board game of viruses and cells
Magnarena - a magnetic dart like board game
Mod Rocket - a water-powered modular rocket kit
Structure Stacks- a set of clips and panels for creative structure building
TOBE - a sound visualization creature
Illumabracer - a glove that stores movement energy and releases light blasts
Ecolibrium - a food web balancing board game
Aqua Lens - a go-pro RC boat attachment for underwater filming
Newton's Apple - a plush apple that responds to movement and plays music
AirForce Fun - a paper airplane design and launch kit
Creature Bites - a set of food chain plush animals/hats