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In 2015 Toy Product Design, the theme was active-play playground equipment for underutilized areas on a playground. There were 12 toy prototypes presented at the PLAYsentations on Wednesday May 6, 2015. Click the icons above for more information. These product prototypes include:

Maze For Days - a balance labyrinth maze that you can stand on
Creature Cubes - a mix and match creature creator
Ventrilodog- a manipulative set of animal puppets
SeeMore - a fluid manipulation device themed with human anatomy
ImpressMe - a body sized resetting pin board
Infinitune - a mechanically programmable rotating music box
Space Pogo Blaster - a bouncing space ship that rises with each jump
Kidstagram - a "camera" that allows you to add filters, zoom, and effects to the world
Humdrum - a tactile vibration-based sound generator
Smashpad - a timed competitive game of smashing switches
Ultimate Maze - a rotating maze that has no end and multiple internal paths
Adventure Climb - a ladder that can be adjusted when no one is standing on it