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In 2014 Toy Product Design, the theme was toys that make makers. Students play tested their concepts throughout the semester at Minnesota Children's Museum.

There were eleven toy prototypes presented at the PLAYsentations on Wednesday May 7, 2014. Click the icons above for more information. These product prototypes include:

Blockplex - a 3D block puzzle game
Orbitrix - a customizable gear-based board game
Chozmo - a chocolate extrusion gun
Captain Cook and the Taste Buds- an interactive super hero spice rack
Shadow Story - a shadow puppet creation kit and theatre
Reaction Factory - a flat-pack, modular chain reaction toy
ROGR - a programmable direction following alien
Code Off - a programmable board game of navigation
Crashtles - a medieval themed castle-catapult destruction game
Buddy Bands - wristbands that track high fives and other hand gestures
Maker Tales - an interactive maker themed storytelling app

To see the stages of the design process for these toys
visit the IdeasSketch ModelsMockups  and Final Prototypes.

There were also some videos related to the PLAYsentations:
10 Years of Toy Product Design (youtube)
Former Students (youtube)
Thoughts from Industry (youtube)
The College of Design Shop Resources (youtube)