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In 2013 Toy Product Design was taught at both the University of Minnesota and MIT. The theme for 2013 UMN was toys that inspire creativity. Students play tested their concepts throughout the semester at Minnesota Children's Museum.

There were seven toy prototypes presented at the PLAYsentations on Wednesday May 8, 2013. Click the icons above for more information. These product prototypes include:

Echo - a distance sensing musical instrument
Infinispins - a kit of customizable tops and fliers
Illumicubes - an illuminated game of skill
Wando - an RFID wand that plays music with cards
Mr. Mister - a marker that writes with fog
City Lights - an illuminating block construction toy
Here's the Catch - a card game of improvised skits

To see the stages of the design process for these toys
visit the IdeasSketch ModelsMockups  and Final Prototypes.

There were also several slideshows and videos shown during the PLAYsentations 2013:
Class Process (keynote file, 28 MB)
A Day in the Lab (mp4, 194 MB)
Thoughts from Industry (mp4, 276 MB)
The College of Design Shop Resources (mp4, 192 MB)
Staff Tribute (keynote file, 37 MB)
Student Tribute (keynote file, 25 MB)