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2011 was the first year Toy Product Design was taught at the University of Minnesota after being taught at MIT for 6 years. The theme for 2011 was interactive creatures. Throughout the semester the students collaborated with representatives from Creative Kid Stuff, Minnesota Children's Museum, and Manhattan Toy.

There were four toy prototypes presented at the PLAYsentations on Wednesday May 4, 2011. Click the icons above for more information. These product prototypes include:

Crush-a-Town - a cityscape playmat for con/destruction that makes location specific sounds
Seymour - a motion/position detecting cyclops that plays a radial version of "red light, green light"
Chomper - an interactive toy chest that eats toys and makes clean up time more engaging
Critter Chours- an animal-themed musical toy that allows children to make customized looping songs

To see the some stages of the design process for these toys visit the Ideas, Sketch Models, and Design Consulting pages.