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The theme for Toy Product Design 2010 was the outdoors. Throughout the semester the students collaborated with representatives from Hasbro, the MIT Museum, and the Boston Children's Museum.

There were fifteen toy products presented at the PLAYsentations on Tuesday May 11, 2010. Click the icons above for more information. These products include:

Safari Soakers - elephant tricycle that pumps and sprays water from a posable trunk
Fly By - automatic large foam ring shooter
Catch n Flies - competitive game of frogs catching flies
Mega Hydrant - interactive fire hydrant themed water toy
Snot Shot - squishy nose squirt gun
Jules the Jellyfish - illuminating jellyfish bath toy
Legend of the Sword - interactive sword fighting game with armor that keeps score
Frubble -: bubble-making frisbee
Blubbles - megaphone that produces more bubbles when you yell louder
Rumble Rider - turns the speed of your bike into digital motorcycle sounds
Light Capture - try to turn as many light capsules your teams color before time runs out
Astro Dash - a space themed variant of tag with velcro vests and tagging pieces
Bobbly Bots - plush wobbly RC robots with interchangable body parts
Scuddle Buddies - plush robots that interact differently to sensed presence
Spring Speeder - ride-on version of a pull-back car

To see the some stages of the design process for these toys visit the Ideas, Sketch Models, and Design Consulting pages.