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The theme for Toy Product Design 2009 was toys related to The Arts. Throughout the semester the students collaborated with representatives from Hasbro, the MIT Museum, and high school students in the MIT-Lawrence program.

There were twelve toy products presented at the PLAYsentations on Tuesday May 12, 2009. Click the icons above for more information. These products include:

Barnyard Booms - barnyard animal themed drums for infants that play animal sounds
Audio Jack - a handheld toy that allows you to manipulate sounds with different motions
Rock 'n' Rails - a train that reads and plays customizable sections of track as musical notes
Penguin Bebop - penguins that play music together with different genres and instruments

Sho Mi Origami - a toy that projects origami instructions onto your origami paper as you fold
Sketch-a-Roo - a vibrating kangaroo themed easel for wacky and challenging drawing
Inki - a set of undersea creatures that are squishy handheld painting tools for toddlers
Serenade -: a guitar tuner flower that blooms, bends and rotates in response to pitch
Bend-n-Bake - a flexible silicone mold for making custom shaped baked goods
Cave In - a game of building downward with magnetic pieces off a ceiling structure
Splatter Blasters - darts with paint filled tips that allow the users to make art on wearable canvas
Bl!x -a toy that turns tapping and arm position into amplified melody or beats

To see the some stages of the design process for these toys visit the Ideas, Sketch Models, and Design Consulting pages.