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The theme for Toy Product Design 2008 was toys that inspire or teach science and engineering. Throughout the semester the students collaborated with representatives from the Museum of Science, the MIT Museum, Hasbro, and high school students in the MIT-Lawrence program.

There were ten toy products presented at the PLAYsentation of 2008. Click the icons above for more information. These products include:

Tube Racers - remote controlled cars that travel along a flexible customizable track
Elektros - a game of connecting the circuit while preventing your opponent from doing the same
LUX - an animal that captures and mixes colors additively in its stomach
DIGITal DJ - a glove that records a sound on each finger tip to tap out custom beats

Infection - a dynamic board game where the players are viruses trying to infect the nucleus
Seismic Survival - players compete to create structures to withstand a shake table
Cell Slap - a card game where players must be first to see when all parts of a cell are present
Cool Pool - a set of specialized pool balls each demonstrating a different scientific principle
The Orb - a one wheeled motorized skateboard
ElectroPlushies - a set of functioning anthropomorphic plush electronics components

To see the some stages of the design process for these toys visit the Ideas, and Sketch Models pages.