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Team Mockups - After play testing and design reviews, each team narrowed down their ideas to two integrated concepts. The team worked together to build a higher level functional prototype of both of these concepts. The theme was toys that allow children and/or adults to create and be creative.

To see the stages of the design process for these toys
visit the IdeasSketch ModelsMockups  and Final Prototypes.

Pindivize: a customized pinball game (high res photo)Illumicubes: a set of cubes that glow colors in different orientations (high res photo)

Bad Block: a block that destroys your construction (high res photo)

Fog Marker: a marker that emits humid air for drawing (high res photo)

Boneclicks : a skeleton themed construction toy (high res photo)Skeletops: a customizable top making kit (high res photo)

City Lights: a city block construction toy that illuminates (high res photo)
Inflatable Buildable: a set of inflatable building blocks (high res photo)

Concert Cards: a set of cards that play notes with a wand reader (high res photo)Word-Mix-a-Lot: an app that helps people freestyle rhyme (high res photo)

Melo: a distance sensing instrument (high res photo)Buddy Bot: an interactive robot that can be used for games and security (high res photo)

Beat Bands: making music by tapping surfaces (high res photo)Here's the Catch: a simple card game of silly dares (high res photo)