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Purchasing Documents:

Online Purchase Form

FY19 VISA Gift Card Usage Information
Team Golpher Gold Card Report Form
Team VISA Expense Form
Toy Design Purchasing Proceedure

Online Resources:

W.L Hall Workshop Website
This is the shop you will be using in Rapson Hall
Check their material stock before you buy elsewhere
Please review this laser cutting Instructables before using those machines.

McMaster-Carr- Materials, Fasteners, Fittings, etc

Soft Prototypes
Fabric on Demand and Spoon Flower - Custom Printed Fabric
Pepakura - CAD Model to Paper Cut-Out Software

The ECE Depot is a store in Keller Hall 2-126 for purchasing electronics
MAKE Guide to Microcontroller Board options
Arduino - Open Source Electronics Prototyping Platform
Ardunio Starter Kit (on Amazon)
Digi-Key - Electronic Components

Jameco- Electronic Components
Sparkfun- Electronic Components
ExpressPCB - Printed Circuit Boards
PCB Design
- Printed Circuit Boards

Surplus Center - Motors and Actuators

3D Parts
Solidworks Tutorials
ProtoLabs - Fast CNC (first cut) and Injection Molded Parts (protomold)

Ponoko - laser cutting, 3D Printing services

Casting and Mold Making
Freeman Supply - Plastics and Mold Making Tutorials
Smooth-On - Rubber and Urethane Casting

Coroflot - Design Jobs
Kickstarter - Funding your Ideas

Local Supply Stores in the Twin Cities:

Pink - Craft/Fabric
Green - Art Supply
Yellow - Wood/Hardware
Teal - Office Supply
Blue - Toy Stores
Purple - Plastics and Metals
Red - Electronics/Hobby/ReUse

or view the larger version.

Designing for Children References:
Emerging Technology and Toy Design - Kudrowitz
Toys for Children Birth-5
- U.S. Consumer Product Guide
Toys for Children 6-12 - U.S. Consumer Product Guide
Play Classification - Barry Kudrowitz and David Wallace

Articles on Play:
Taking Play Seriously (NY Times, 2008)
Old-Fashioned Play (NPR, 2008)
Creative Play (NPR, 2008)

Articles on Creativity:
The Creativity Crisis (Newsweek, 2010)
Changing Education Paradigms (Sir Ken Robinson, 2010)
In Pursuit of the Perfect Brainstorm (NY Times, 2010)