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all rights reserved, 2015

Here's the Catch is a card game that challenges your friends to do silly improvized skits. A player flips a Verb Card (e.g "dance with") and a Noun Card (e.g "a salt shaker") which set the grounds for the skit. Now here's the catch, all other players have a set of Catch Cards that have various levels of difficulty/points (e.g. "while making baby noises" or "as a rock star".) Other players submit one of their Catch Cards upside down for the first player to choose from based solely on difficulty/point raiting. The first player than has to act out that skit to get the points (e.g. "dance with a salt shaker as a rock star").

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Design Team: brett neubauer, cara prosser, catie jo pidel, constance liu, mac wilm-knapp with lab instructors jared schmidt and stef hornung