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all rights reserved, 2015

magenta team: magentatoy@umn.edu
instructors: rory alt and mira meier

red team: redtoy@umn.edu
instructors: david brajkovic and maia peterson

coral team: coraltoy@umn.edu
instructors: kenya mejia and andrew beyer

orange team: orangetoy@umn.edu
instructors: taylor hill and joey ivers

amber team: ambertoy@umn.edu
instructors: chris worthington and cici wu

yellow team: yellowtoy@umn.edu
instructors: nina johnson and sarah alfahla

chartreuse team: chartreusetoy@umn.edu
instructors: nel pilgrim rukavina and ben pedrick

green team: greentoy@umn.edu
instructors: joe haynes and ashley morgan

cyan team: cyantoy@umn.edu
instructors: ellen hughes and luke bromback

blue team: bluetoy@umn.edu
instructors: sarah sheber and luigi rausch

periwinkle team: periwinkletoy@umn.edu
instructors: sarah prescott and luis soto

purple team: purpletoy@umn.edu
instructors: alex eninsche and nathan romportl

pewter team: pewtertoy@umn.edu
instructors: liz wolner and caitlin dippo

onyx team: onyxtoy@umn.edu
instructors: todd brobst and audrey san diego