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Following the Idea Presentaion, teams created what we call Sketch Models. A Sketch Model can be used to quickly test the feasiblity of an idea or test the play value of the concept. It should also be used to further develop the concept. Some sketch models are works-like, some sketch models are looks-like and some are a mix of the two. The following are the four sketch models that were presented by each team.
Harmony Blocks: Musical Blocks
Barnyard Booms: Animal Drums
Chalk Wheels: Chalking Scooter
Card Art: Card Connector Kit


Sound Sponge: Manipulates Sound
Color DJ: Turn Colors into Sound
Gigabites: Make Edible Circuits
Build A Bubbler: Water Fountain Toy


Kinetico: Spring Construction Toy
Melodye: Paintball Trumpet
Rockin' Rails: Musical Train Tracks
Mosaic Mayhem: Fractal Art Game


Rockin' Lockin' Keys: Music Safe
Color Jam: Turn Colors to Sound
Fireflies: Glowing Water Toy
Penguin Bebop: Musical Penguins


Wacky Water Works: Fountain Toy
Sho Mi Origami: Teach with Lights
Trombazoo: Trombone Kazoo
Waffle Art: Custom Waffle Kit


Vibreasle: Vibrating Easle
GlowBlox: LED Stacking Blocks
Footsteps: Teach Robot Dances
Cascades: Illuminating Fountain


Paint Poopers: Paint Excreting Pals
Inki: Squishy Squid for Painting
Bathlantis: Floating Bath Construction
Jumpster Family: Stamping Animal Set


Bejazzles: Musical Plush Toys
Sugar Shot: Cotton Candy Gun
Waffle Works: Puzzle Piece Waffles
Serenade: Dancing Flower


Cuddly Choir: Custom Singing Plush
Build N Bake: Customized Cake Pan
Illumination Station: Customize Nightlight
Beat Box: Make Handheld Beats


Cave In: Ceiling Build Game
Squiggle: Smart Color Pen
Under Attack: Build and Destroy
Drum Cube: Make Handheld Beats


Lite Steps: Learn to Dance
SoundScape: Learn to Compose
Switchlings: Interchanging Sound Toys
Art Darts: Paint Tipped Darts


Story Corner: Life Sized Pop-up
HearSay: Audio Puzzles
Body Boxing: "Personalized" Beats
Blobbles: Action Figure Kit