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Team Mockups - After play testing and design reviews, each team narrowed down their ideas to two integrated concepts. The team worked together to build a higher level functional prototype of both of these concepts.

To see the stages of the design process for these toys
visit the Ideas and Sketch Models.Progr-animals: programmable animal robotsProxy Pals:Goo Gun: gummy worm extruderSpice Rack: interactive cooking toy
Oritrix: customizable gear based board gameChromatic: musical illuminating band

Builder vs. Destroyer: a construction/destruction game

Story Train: build stories with tracksWalk n Rock: Musical shoes and gloves
Shadow Story: Shadow puppetry kitCode a Path: coding gameEncore: Music learning toyVeggie Blox: Fun with vegetablesBrain Blox: 3D tangramsMecha Mover: Rube Goldberg flat pack contraption toy
Mecha Movers: linkage game
Explora-Story: interactive storytelling appLightshow DJ: light controlling toyAnycycle: customizable bike/otherBuddy Bands: interactive social gaming braclet
Climb in Time: building race game

Choco-Gun: food extruder toy