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Lecture 1: Toy Product Design
Includes: What is a Toy?, Basics of Product Design, Course Logistics
Title Song: I'm Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon to Your Star by The Boy Least Likely To

Limerick Submission before 2pm on Thursday Jan 21!
Emerging Technology and Toy Design - Barry Kudrowitz

Lecture 2: Play
Includes: What is a Play, Play Classification, Toy Trends, Child Development
Title Song: The Alphabest Lost and Found by They Might be Giants
Play Classification Paper - Barry Kudrowitz and David Wallace

Lecture 3: Brainstorming and Innovation
Includes: Brainstorming Basics
Title Song: One Little Spark by The Sherman Brothers for Walt Disney
How Board Games Help Us Be More Innovative - Barry Kudrowitz

Lecture 4: Theme and Teams
Includes: Theme Overview, State of the Art, Team Logistics
Title Song: Playdough by The Aquabats
Check out your team photos here!
Download the Purchasing Documents here

Lecture 5: Market Survey and Ethnographic Research
Includes: Guest Lecture Slides from Target Guest Insights Team

Lecture 5: Graphic Design
Includes: Semantics, Balance, Usability, Type, Form Language
Title Song: The Breakfast Machine by Danny Elfman

Lecture 7: The Idea Presentation Details
Includes: Presentation and Poster Guidelines
Title Song: Kids by MGMT
examples of high scoring idea presentations: coming soon

Lecture 8: Pugh Charts
Selecting Ideas - Barry Kudrowitz

Lecture 9: Introduction to Sketch Modeling
Includes: Idea Presentation Feedback, Basics of Sketch Models
Title Song: Technologic by Daft Punk

Lecture 10: Prototyping with Electronics
Includes: Ardunio and Little Bits
Title Song: Electric Feel by MGMT
also if you need immediate random electronics that are not at ECE try Axman

Lecture 11: Basics of Engineering Design
Includes: Energy, Power, Batteries, Electricity, Estimation
Title Song: Energy by The Apples in Stereo

Lecture 12: Design Aesthetic
Includes: Peer Review Results, Design Feedback, Aesthetics, Color, Sensory Design
Title Song: Happy Worker by Tori Amos

Lecture 13: Consultation Feedback
Includes: Unpacking data, Gantt Charts and Feedback Graphs
Title Song: Curious by Barenaked Ladies

Lecture 14: Plastic
Includes: Plastic Manufacturing Processes, Thermoplastic Identification
Title Song: Where do they make Balloons? by They Might be Giants

Lecture 15: Designing Presentations
Includes: Basics of Slide Design, Packaging Design, Product Coherence
Title Song: I'm Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon to Your Star by The Boy Least Likely To