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After play testing and design reviews, each team narrowed down their four concepts to one. The teammates worked together to built a higher level works-like and looks-like model of their top concept. The teams presented these higher level sketch models at the Design Consulting at the MIT museum. The following are images of the physical items that were presented. Many teams had software and circuit designs that are not shown below.

Barnyard Booms: a set of barnyard animal themed drums for infants that play animal sounds when tapped


Color DJ: a handheld toy that allows you to manipulate sounds with different motions


Rockin' Rails: a monorail or train that reads and plays customizable sections of track as musical notes or beats


Penguin Bebop: a set of penguins that play music together with different genres and instruments depending on which hats and instrustruments they wear


Sho-Mi Origami: a toy that projects origami instructions onto your origami paper as you fold


Kangadrew: a vibrating and bouncing kangaroo themed easel for wacky and challenging drawing


Inki and Friends: a set of squid and other undersea creatures that are squishy handheld painting tools for toddlers


Serenade: a flower that blooms, bends and rotates in response to music or sounds


Build N' Bake: a flexible silicone mold for making custom shaped cakes and other shaped food products


Cave In: a game of building downward off a ceiling structure where the object is to not let the pieces fall


Art Darts: darts with paint filled tips that allow the users to make splatter art on canvas or friends


Body Boxing: an arm band/glove toy that turns tapping and arm position into amplified melody or percussion beats