Class Details

PDES 2701:
3:35-5:30 in Rapson 56 both
Tuesdays and Thursdays

Team Discussions

After every assignment is due, there will be a Thursday Team Discussion during class time. You will be on a team of 7 students with a Creativity Counselor. On team discussion days, you will each have 5-10 minutes to present your work to your team orally and visually. The Creativity Counselors will provide feedback and also engage the entire team in a group critique session. Your presentation should be on your process as well as your results. Your presentation should include visuals from your assignment as posted on your blog. Creativity Counselors are all volunteers and they are not grading you. They are there to provide feedback and facilitate discussion. The Teaching Assistants will be grading the assignments.

Weekly Assignments

Assignments are given at the end of lecture on Tuesdays and due as a blog post at 10 pm on Wednesday of the following week. To ensure that you dedicate appropriate time and follow the assignment guidelines, a one-point outline post is due the day after the assignment is given. This outline post includes the headings for each deliverables and a detailed timeline for when and how you are planning to work on the assignment components.

View a tutorial on posting blog assignments here

Weekly Peer Review

For each assignment you will be asked to review a set of two students on your team. The document with your weekly assignments is here. If the main page is too difficult to read, you can click on the tabs at the top of the page to see each week on a separate page. Your reviews are submitted as blog comments directly on the peer's blog (not in email) due at 10 pm on the Friday following the final blog submissions. Please use the "I like... I wish... What if..." three paragraph format.

Weekly Schedule

Module 1 - Creativity

Tues, September 5
Lecture Slides: Course Intro & Theories of Creativity and Innovation
Thurs, September 7
Lecture Slides: Creativity Assessment Methods
Tues, September 12
Theme/Project Introduction
Thurs, September 14
Discussion Session: Team Intro, Review Process and Assess Designs

Assignment  –
1) Get a design notebook. 
2) Blog Entry 1: Creative Experimentation
3) Begin Reading A Whole New Mind and The Creativity Crisis

Module 2 - Play and Humor

Tues, September 19
Lecture Slides: Play, Humor and Association Based Tools
Thurs, September 21
Lecture: An Introduction to Improvisational Thinking
Tues, September 26
HUGE Improv Workshop
Thurs, September 28
Discussion Session: Mind Map Presentations, Pitching Ideas and Selecting a Sub-Theme

Assignment  –
1) Blog Entry 2: Mind Maps and Humorous Products

Module 3 - User Research

Tues, October 3
Lecture: User Research Methods
Thurs, October 5
Lecture: Observation, Opportunity Finding and Questioning the Status Quo
Tues, October 10
Product Industry Panel: Target vs. 3M
Thurs, October 12
Discussion Session: Presentation of Research, Selection of Top Problems

1) Blog Entry 3: Ethnographic Research
2) Begin Design of Everyday Things
3) Read the Ethnography Primer and
IDEO Bootcamp Bootleg

Module 4 - Idea Generation

Tues, October 17
Lecture: Traditional Brainstorming Methods
Thurs, October 19
Lecture: Alternative Team-Based Idea Generation Methods, 124-All
Tues, October 24
Product Consulting Panel: Worrell vs. Kablooe
Thurs, October 26
Discussion Session: Testing new techniques, pitching top 10 ideas/person, voting

1) Blog Entry 4: Host a Brainstorming

Module 5- Product Research

Tues, October 31
Lecture: Benchmarking, Market Survey, Feasibility Assessment
Thurs, November 2
Lecture: Idea Selection, Pugh Charts, Six Thinking Hats, SWOT
Tues, November 7
Product Entrepreneur Panel: Woodchuck, Russel and Hazel, Q-Ba-Maze
Thurs, November 9
Discussion Session: Presentation of Research

1) Blog Entry 5:  Product Concept Assessment

Module 6 - Refining Ideas

Tues, November 14                   
Lecture: SCAMPER, Morphological Analysis, TILMAG, HIT Matrix, TRIZ
Thurs, November 16
Lecture: Techniques for Presenting Idea Visually
Tues, November 21 – No class
Thanksgiving Break
Thurs, November 23 – No class
Thanksgiving Break
Tues, November 28
Lecture: Product Naming, Pitching Ideas
Thurs, November 30
Discussion Session: Feedback session on presentation material for final ideas


1) Blog Entry 6: Idea Refinement and Presentation Refinement

Module 7

Tues, December 5                       
Product Protection Panel: Patents and Intellectual Property
Thurs, December 7
Discussion Session: In-class Elevator Pitch Session 
Tues, December 12                     
Walleye Tank Finale (Team Round and Class Round), Class Reviews

Assignment -

1) Blog Entry 7: Elevator Pitch Video and Supporting Research Material