Links of Interest

The UMN Product Design Program

Creativity Techniques and Tools


Types of Idea Generation

SCAMPER primer

MindMeister - mind mapping software

General Morphological Analysis

TRIZ packet

Ideation for Product Innovation: What are the Best Methods? by Cooper and Edgett

How to run a brainstorming meeting by Scott Berkun

IDEO Bootcamp Bootleg

Food Related Creativity Tools

Creative Methods from El Bulli

Flavor Bouncing by Grant Achatz

Ratio Exerpt on Cookie Dough by Michael Ruhlman

Reverse Engineering McDonald's French Fries by Kenji Alt

Thoughts on Creativity

The Creativity Crisis by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman in Newsweek

Get Creative! by Bruce Nussbaum in BusinessWeek

Sir Ted Robinson RSA Animation

Sir Ted Robinson TED talk on Do schools kill creativity?

Steven Johnson TED talk on Where good ideas come from.

How to Have and Idea by Frank Chimero

Creativity of Anger by Jonah Lehrer in Wired

"Build a Tower, Build a Team" TED talk by Tom Wujec

Trending Sideways by Carter Bowles

Tesla vs Edison by The Oatmeal

Creativity Blocks on LifeHacker

Geography & Innovation on NPR

Curiousity and Estimation

"How much water does pasta really need?" by Harold McGee in the New York Times

Biomimicry Gallery in Wired

MIT Product Design Class Estimation Anchor Quantities Wiki

XKCD Guid to Converting to Metric

Humor and Improvisation

"Your Brain on Improv" TED Talk by Charles Limb

"How Hard is it to Get a Cartoon into the New Yorker" by James Sturm in Slate

"How to Win the New Yorker Caption Contest" by Alex Altman in TIME

"How to win the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest" by Patrick House in Slate

Devo on Alternative Uses


"The Lost Art of Drawing" NYTimes

"Doodlers, Unite!" TED talk by Sunni Brown

"Drawing to Learn" by Shaaron Ainsworth et al in Science

"Wacom Inkling..." Gizmodo


The Lego Story

"Creativity and Play" TED talk by Tim Brown

The Play Issue of Think Quarterly

Don't Use Flashcards from New York Times

Trends, Observation, Ethnography

An Ethnography Primer from AIGA

Designing for Humans blog

Context Mapping MUZUS Prezi

Getting People to Talk: An Ethnography & Interviewing Primer IIT Video

A Synthesis of Ethnographic Research by Michaael Genzuk, PhD

Designing Surveys by Survey Monkey

Survey Tools from UMN

Did You See That? on Dateline NBC

Trend Watching tips

Style Trends over Time by TonyKawanari in Innnovation Journal

3M's Mauro Porcini in Fast Company


House of Quality (HOQ) Matrix Tutorial

Intellectual Property

What Designers Should Know - Core77

When Patents Attack on This American Life

Intellectual Property Workshop from UMN

UMN Commercialization of IP Rights

The Artistic De-Evolution of Patent Drawings from Wired

Unsung Art of Patent Drawings from Fast Company

Original Recipe on This American Life

List of Crazy Patents

Presenting Ideas

The Perfect (Elevator) Pitch from Businessweek

Igor Naming and Branding Guides

What's in a Name? from Daily Finance

Design Education

Innovative Thinking from Huff Post

Design Websites

Core 77 - Industrial Design Magazine

Coroflot - Design Jobs and Portfolios

Required Readings

(pictures link to

the design of everyday things
donald norman

where good ideas come from
steven johnson

a whole new mind
daniel pink


Readings for Graduate Section PDES 5701:

Amabile (1982) - Social Psychology of Creativity: A Consensual Assessment Technique
Amabile (1983) - Social Psychology of Creativity: A Componential Conceptualization

Kudrowitz (2013) – When Does a Paperclip Become a Sundial?
Bronson (2010) – The Creativity Crisis
Hekkert (2003) – Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable
Nussbaum (2005) - Get Creative: How to Build Innovative Companies

Kudrowitz (2010) – Improvisational Comedy and Product Design Ideation
Gerber (2009) –Using Improvisation to Enhance the Effectiveness of Brainstorming
Isen (1987) - Positive Affect Facilitates Creative Problem Solving
Lemons (2005) – Enhancing Everyday Creativity Using Elements of Improvisation
Kokotovich (2007) - Problem Analysis and Thinking Tools
Kudrowitz (2013) – How Some Board Games Can Help Us Be More Innovative

Brown (2008) – Design Thinking
Cooper (2008) – Ideation for Product Innovation: What are the best methods?
Visser (2005) – Contextmapping: experiences from practice
Sanders (2008) – Co-Creation and the new Landscapes of Design
Desmet (2007) – Framework of Product Experience
DSchool10 - Bootcamp Bootleg

Mentzer (2015) – Strategies for Teaching Brainstorming
Lehrer (2012) – Groupthink
Van der Lugt (2002) – Brainwriting and How it Differs from Brainstorming
Streobe (2011) – On Productivity Losses in Idea-Generating Groups
Paulus (2000) – Groups, Teams, and Creativity

Griffin (1993) – The Voice of the Customer
Kudrowitz (2012) – Assessing the Quality of Ideas
Haggman (2013) – Influence of Timing in Exploratory Prototyping
Horn and Salvendy (2006) - Consumer-based assessment of Product Creativity
Bushong (2010) – Pavlovian Processes in Consumer Choice 

Kudrowitz (2012) – The Influence of Sketch Quality on Perception of Product Idea Creativity
Vincent (2006) – Biomimetics: its practice and theory
Ilevbare (2013) – A review of TRIZ


Recommended Readings

the art of innovation
tom kelly

how to fly a horse
kevin ashton

creative facilitation
marc tassoul

the innovator's toolkit
david silverstein, et al

ten types of innovation
larry keeley

cracking creativity
michael michalko

michael michalko

a whack on the side of the head
roger von oech

universal traveler
don koberg